GEA – Mother Earth – is a group of search & rescue, ecology and social campaigns, founded in 1994 within Aktiffelsefe Cultural Association organization and comprising entirely of volunteer members.

GEA Team performs search and rescue operations in all life-threatening disasters in national and international territories to reach to people trapped under debris due to the disaster and continues medical and humanitarian aid activities in disaster areas.

GEA is a member of INSARAG (International Search and Rescue Advisory Group) since 1999.

GEA Objective of Foundation and Principles

  • To help people affected from disasters, without making any discrimination regarding their religion, language, sex, race, social status etc.
  • To improve preparedness for natural and environmental disasters.
  • To transform energies of individuals into a constructive form in social terms.
  • To combine volunteerism, citizenship, cooperation and volunteer service values with active operations.
  • To enhance individual capacities to ensure integrity with the nature.
  • To organize activities to protect the world we live in, considering the fact that human is a part of nature.

Short History of GEA

Having signed a protocol with Turkish General Directorate of Civil Defense in 1999, GEA has arranged its standards in accordance with the standards of United Nations (INSARAG).  Getting trainings from General Directorate of Civil Defense since 1999, team members also took search & rescue trainings and performed drills with Civil Defense teams in Japan and RAPID UK Team in UK. GEA took trainings from UK, Japanese, and German Civil Defense Teams and with El Salvador Army and also gave trainings to various civil defense organizations in line with the invitations received from Thailand, Indonesia, Austria, France, Spain, USA, Greece and Mexico. GEA executed emergency collaboration protocols and communication agreements with official civil defense teams and NGOs in 22 countries demonstrating disaster risk.

About GEA

· 19 Branches
· 1.115 Volunteer Members
· 112 International Operation Members
· 246 National Operation and Support Team Members


      1. 1996,Kırıkkale Plant Explosion Operation
      2. 1997,Kırklareli ForestFire Operation
      3. 1998,Istanbul ForestFire Operation
      4. 1999,Marmara Earthquake Operation
      5. 1999,Taiwan Earthquake Operation
      6. 1999,Düzce Earthquake Operation
      7. 1999,İzmit Earthquake Aftershock Operation
      8. 2001,El Salvador Earthquake Operation
      9. 2001,Guatemala Earthquake Aftershock Operation
      10. 2001,India Earthquake Operation
      11. 2002,Afyon Earthquake Operation
      12. 2003,Bingöl Earthquake Operation
      13. 2003,Algeria Earthquake Operation
      14. 2003,Burgazada Fire Operation
      15. 2003,Beth Israel Synagogue Explotion Operation
      16. 2003,HSBC Bank and U K Consulate Explosion Operations
      17. 2004,Iran Earthquake Operation
      18. 2004,Konya Zümrüt Apartment Collapse Operation
      19. 2004,Morocco Earthquake Operation
      20. 2004,Pamukova Train Accident Operation
      21. 2004,Gebze Train Accident Operation
      22. 2004,South Asia– Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster Operation – 1
      23. 2005,South Asia– Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster Operation – 2
      24. 2005,South Asia– Sri Lanka Tsunami Disaster Operation – 3
      25. 2005,Pakistan Earthquake Operation
      26. 2006,Bursaİntam Housing Blocks Collapse Operation
      27. 2006,Philippines LandSlide Operation
      28. 2007,Zeytinburnu Building Collapse Operation
      29. 2007,Şirinevler Building Collapse Operation
      30. 2008, Davutpaşa Sparkling Factory Explosion Operation
      31. 2008,Olimpos Fire Operation
      32. 2009,Eskişehir Explosion Operation
      33. 2009,Marmara Flood Disaster Operation
      34. 2009,Indonesia Earthquake Operation
      35. 2010,Haiti Earthquake Operation
      36. 2010,Elazığ Earthquake Operation
      37. 2010,Pakistan Flood Operation
      38. 2011,Ankara Ostim Explosion Operation
      39. 2011,Japan Bridgeof Love
      40. 2011,Van Erciş Earthquake Operation
      41. 2011,Van Edremit Earthquake Operation
      42. 2014, Search Operation for Pamir Baby
      43. 2014,Bosnia and Herzegovina Flood Operation
      44. 2014,Soma Mine Disaster Search and Rescue Operation
      45. 2015,Nepal Earthquake Operation
      46. 2015,Nepal Medical and Humanitarian Aid Operation
      47. 2015,Üsküdar Building Collapse Operation
      48. 2016,Ekvador Medical and Humanitarian Aid Operation
      49. 2017,Arakan Refugees Medical Support and Humanitarian Operation
      50. 2018,Indonesia Earthquake Humanitarian Aid Operation
      51. 2019,Kartal Building Collapse Operation