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September 6, 2010
GEA Pakistan Flood Disaster SAR and Humanitarian Aid Operation

28.08.2010- 05.09.2010

Monitoring the flood disaster, which started on July 26 and continued during August, and obtaining the list of needs from the disaster zone, our Team initiated preparations of aid materials on August 23, upon the summons and invitations made by Pakistani Government and UN.

August 28 2010 
GEA Team of 15 persons, comprising of 4 Physicians, 4 Healthcare Officers and Logistics and Rescue team members departed toPakistan on Turkish Airlines Istanbul-Karachi flight no. TK708 at 18:45.

Our Team delivered to the disaster area 12 million liters of potable water and 140,000 chlorine tablets sufficient to purify 1.5 million liters of water; 3 water purifiers with a capacity of purifying 10 tons of water per day; drugs and medical materials for medical needs in the region, adequate to provide treatment services to 11,000 people; and toys and candies for 12,000 children.

August 29, 2010
The Team consisting of 15 members arrived atKarachiAirport at 03.00 AM with local time. With the support of Chief Commander of Pakistani Naval Forces, who was providing the coordination of all aid operations in Sind region, the Team arrived in heavily affected city ofMakli  near Thatta region, to give support to medical aid, water purification and rescue operations.

Our team arrived at the tent-city, newly initiated to be constructed for the people within the area where approximately 200,000 people were left homeless, and immediately started construction of a field hospital, while establishing the main camp center within this city, as well. (N24’43 E67’53).

August 30, 2010 
With 8 physicians and medical staff, the Team started medical examinations and treatments of patients in the tent-city, where the field hospital was established. The first day, a total of 754 patients were treated. Vast majority of diseases within the region included dermal infections, lower and upper respiratory tract infections and acute diarrhea.

Cities, towns and villages having no direct contact withIndusRiverremained under water for one month due to the flood affecting25 kmin the east-west axis of the river.  Located in the Sind Region the City ofSajaval, where 257,000 people residing, was also entirely covered with flood.  The Team started operations, in cooperation with Pakistani Navy, to reach these villages, 5 hours away from major cities, submerged into flood, and were never accessed during this one month period. Reaching these submerged villages via boats, the Team performed SAR operations trapped in these areas.  On August 30, the Team took charge in an evacuation and SAR operation, lasted for 21 hours and performed with Pakistani Naval commandos, where 9 persons were rescued.  These 9 rescued people were subsequently sent to safe areas.

September 1, 2010
The Team was informed as to existence of people trapped in villages of Thatha, where flood damage was quite heavy, and decided on an operation with Special Forces of Pakistani Navy as of early morning. After prolonged and detailed search efforts, 12 persons, who could not be reached for days, in Ramiso, Sumran and Jaffarabad villages of city ofSajaval  were evacuated and settled in tent-cities.

Continuing to provide medical services at the same time to the local community in the field hospital, the Team treated a total of 849 patients during the 2nd and 3rd days of the operation.


September 2, 2010
Following the final searches conducted with the Pakistani Navy, our Team completed the search operations and distributed the food & material supplies obtained from the region to 1,800 people, that were sufficient to meet their needs for 1 week . Having delivered toys and candies to the area as well, the Team continued its rehabilitation activities for 450 children.


September 3, 2010
Tariq Majeed, Chief of General Staff, Noman Bashir, Commander of Naval Forces and Pakistani Admirals visited the field hospital to express their gratitude to the volunteering Turkish Team, which had served in the disaster region during the operations, in collaboration with Pakistani Naval Forces for one week.

Our Team worked for 5 days in the field hospital and treated 2,867 patients in total. According to the statistics made by the Team, 30% of the diseases occurred in the region was due to Dermal Infections and Injuries, 25% Respiratory Tract Infections, 20% Gastroenterological Infections (diarrhea), 10% Anemia and 15% other diseases.

The Team activated the water treatment devices delivered to the region and delivered the chlorine tablets to the Navy to be given to the people in need; then completed its operations on September 4 and returned to Istanbul on September 5.

Thanks to…
The Organizations Supported GEA Pakistan Flood Operation

AFAD – Turkish Prime Ministry, Department of Disaster and Emergency Management
Pakistani Consulate General
Airport Otel- BTA Catering
Anadolu Bank Employees
Anadolu Sağlık Merkezi
Bilim İlaç
Eskişehir Anadolu Hospital
Esli Su Arıtma Cihazları
Fako Aktavis
Galata Marine
Grup Deltalar
Güderoğlu Tarım
İdeal Çevre Tekn. Su arıtma San.
JTI Foundation
JTI Turkey
Mavi Jeans
Medya Takip Merkezi
Mehmet Atmaca
Merkez Laboratuarı
Meydan Av
Novotel Motorola
Selçuk Ecza Deposu
Yeni Recordati
Yılman Market