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25 April 2015
Nepali government has declared a state of emergency and appealed for international assistance following the 7.8-magnitude earthquake.

Following the earthquake of 7.8 magnitude hit Nepal on 25 April, our team of 13 members have completed all necessary preparations and reached Kathmandu by taking the flight TK726 at 01:00 AM.

26 April 2015
Being one of the teams initially reaching the disaster area, GEA has been greeted by the military services and taken to Sitapalia which went under a great devastation.
Search operations took place in 11 debris in the area.
Operations are to continue during the night. At 21:30 first contact with a victim has been made.

27 April 2015
After 6 hours of rescue work, our team rescued 1 survivor, Bikrm Chepang (22 years-old) from earthquake rubble at 02.58 am.

GEA Search And Rescue Team started rescue operation on site Gongabu Balaju Bus Park. After the assessment of 3 collapsed buildings we contacted with the live victim at 13:00 hrs. in collapsed guest house. We started to rescue operation with co-operation of China team CISAR.

28 April 2015
After the 13 hours working under the debris we rescued 21 years old John Keisi at 02:05 local time.

Swiss Disaster Dog Association REDOG including six team members with three search dogs arrived in the region in order to support the team.
According to the received alerts teams operated together in Jorpati and Kapan areas, where mostly hotels are located and continued the search operation there.

Technical search missions were carried out on 5 different sites in the region by GEA and REDOG teams. Teams were divided into different groups in the following hours and reached to the debris sites according to the info about possible alive victims and operations continued throughout the day. After all alerts were evaluated team was completed its work and returned back to the base camp at 09:30 p.m.
According to the alert taken at 10:30 p.m., the team reached to Gongabu Area and conducted technical search in the debris. After completion of the mission on site at 03:00 a.m., the team returned back to the base camp.

29 April 2015
The team evaluated the alerts throughout the day and carried out technical search with REDOG according to the alerts received.

30 April 2015
From the morning hours ongoing, the team started to analyze the needs in the region aiming of humanitarian aid.
Drinking water distribution was carried out in the areas.
Relief packs including food, water, hygiene supplies, chlorine tablets, medical supplies and toys for children were prepared and the necessary logistics planning was carried out in order to distribute the aid in the following days.

1st-2nd May 2015
In the camps around Kathmandu and in the villages affected by the earthquake intensively, humanitarian supplies were distributed to families in need.
Relief packs were prepared for 300 families and they have been distributed with the coordination of local authorities.

Our team conducted medical screenings in the visited areas while providing necessary treatments and some medical supplies were delivered to the authorities to be used in hospitals in the region.

3rd May
After completing their search and rescue and humanitarian aid works in the region, our team returned to Turkey with the flight number TK727.

Nepal Humanitarian Aid Operation 14-20 May 2015

14 May 2015
GEA Humanitarian Aid Team of 6 members set out for Nepal Kathmandu with 400 kgs of aid equipment including medicals, blankets and toys.

15 May 2015
In Fresh Nepal Orphanage, our medical team conducted a examination. Treatements and orientation have been made.
Food, toys and blankets delivered to the orphanage.

16 May 2015
Medical examination conducted in schools for mentally challenged children. Treatements and orientation have been made.
Food supplies supplied from Kathmandu have been distributed in Basnet Gaun Banepa mountain village.
Supply packets containing rice, oil,salt and lentil have been prepared for 600 residents and distributed all families in the village.
Toys have been given to children. Ill residents have been examined and treated by medial team.

17 May 2015
Food supply packets have been distributed in Mazuwa Mountain village.
In the village, in which 400 residents are living, 66 of 71 houses had been destroyed in the first earthquake.
Earthquake awareness and search and rescue trainings for the local volunteer groups have been conducted.

18 May 2015
Food supply packets have been distributed for 420 residents in Sitapayla 7. mountain village. Medical examination has been conducted for ill residents.
With the invitation of Ministry of Culture and Archeological Museums consultancy services have been provided for rescuing of Nepal historical elements in Durbar Square.

19 May 2015
Earthquake awareness training has been conducted in Annal Jyoti Boarding School.
400 students in Annal Jyoti Boarding School have prepared drawings with friendship and solidarity messages for children affected by earthquakes. After its initial launch in Japan, “Bridge of Love” started in Nepal.

Thanks to all of our members, volunteers and GEA Friends for supporting us during Nepal Earthquake Operation.