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As GEA Social Campaigns Team, we are preparing the travelling museum of “Touch to the History” for visually impaired art-lovers. This travelling museum consists of reproductions of archaeological ancient artifacts which are being displayed in different museums all around the world.

In this context, visually impaired art-lovers will have a chance to meet the history at the travelling museum of “Touch to the History, which will take place in exhibition halls of several universities, schools for visually impaired, institutions, foundations, shopping centers and municipalities.

Archaeological artifacts hold a very deep meaning and stand as a source of information for the civilization which they belong to. We learn much about their structure of society, values, life styles and beliefs. They give us great inspiration with their fascinating looks and timeless esthetical values. In this travelling museum, visually impaired art-lovers will be able to listen to the information about the artifact with the listening devices provided as they are touching them. In this way, we believe the artifacts’ real value and meaning will find a place in the visually impaired people’s hearts.

The reproductions which belong to several civilizations including Anatolia, Mesopotamia, Ancient Greece, Egypt, Rome, Far East, South America, were prepared in “Civilizations Workshop” by the hands of our volunteer GEA members. Carefully selected pieces were all studied and accurate description texts were prepared.

In the exhibition, all reproductions will be explained by their civilization, time and location, real dimensions, symbols they are carrying and mythological stories in which they took place.

We would like to present our most sincere regards to the visually impaired art-lovers and their families.